New HomeRebate – Simple & Easy

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Simple Calculation with Clear Percentages!

Easy to Estimate & Keep Your Own Record!

New HomeRebate – (up to) 50% of total commissions

Included Rebate & Bonus

(1) Purchase Rebate40%
(2) Referrer Bonus5%
(3) Referral Bonus5%

(1) Purchase Rebate up to 40% – Every separate tour after the 1st tour, or every offer not resulting in a purchase (including conditional purchase on which conditions aren’t waived) for any reason, will result in Purchase Rebate reduced by 5% of the commissions collected. There is a Minimum Guaranteed Purchase Rebate of 10%. Plus, any reduction will not affect Referrer Bonus and/or Referral Bonus.

(2) Referrer Bonus 5% – Enjoy 5% for a qualified & completed referral. Any extra qualified referrals can be kept for your future purchases.

(3) Referral Bonus 5% – If referred by one of our previous or current client with qualified online review. Has to register at or prior to the signing of a buyer service agreement. Previous clients with qualified online review will get this bonus by default on 2nd & more purchases.